Epsilon Aurigae

Epsilon Aurigae – Post 2   Epsilon Aurigae is what is known as a variable star – that means its brightness fluctuates for us on Earth. Current research suggests that this is due to the ‘star’ being actually two stars, one a yellow supergiant and the other a smaller star which occasionally eclipses the larger. […]

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All my stories are set in the Aurigan constellation. The stars I have written about are real, although the planets and the Patrol are, of course, all my own invention. The Aurigan constellation can be found in the Northern Hemisphere near Gemini and Taurus. Auriga is Latin for ‘charioteer’ and it was named because of […]

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Welcome to my site

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Welcome to Lloyd’s World!  (Downunder) A world where LGBT stories are welcomed and celebrated. On the following pages, you will find links to my current books – all gay sci-fi / romances:  Dangerous Tension, Rough Play and Other Stories, His Guilty Secret and Lunar Affair. Plus interesting news items…

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Galactic Views (129)

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← SPACE WATCH Grand Swirls from NASA’s Hubble NASA – This new Hubble image shows NGC 1566, a beautiful galaxy located approximately 40 million light-years away in the constellation of Dorado (The Dolphinfish). NGC 1566 is an intermediate spiral galaxy, meaning that while it does not have a well-defined…

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