New work in the pipeline!

I’m currently working on editing a new story for publishing – Gothic Romance. Gothic Romance is set in Regency England so it will be a change from my Aurigan Saga series. The following is a wonderful description of Gothic Romance:  “these novels usually concern spirited young women, either governesses or new brides, who go to […]

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Amazon saga continues…

I just posted the previous message when I received this advice from KDP “Hello, I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused by this email. Yes, your understanding is right. Currently, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is not an option for your location. Since you reside in Australia when you enter AU bank details on your KDP account, […]

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Dangerous Tension update

My first book,Dangerous Tension, has now been published for over three years.  Time for a refresh! I have revised the book and the new edition is now available for a FREE download on Amazon Apple Barnes and Noble Kobo Smashwords  

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