His Guilty Secret

His Guilty Secret is the third book in my Aurigan Space Saga series.

Heir to a wealthy shipping family, Adam S Hayes has his life carefully mapped out. Career, marriage, family. After establishing himself successfully as Captain of the Patrol Ship Revel, it is time for the next step. Marriage to Fiona Becker, daughter of the Capella space station manager, might not be the biggest romance of the year but there are strategic advantages in the alliance, and no-one is surprised when Fiona accepts his proposal.
Everything is going according to plan … until he meets Danyel King. Tall, dark and handsome and as open about himself as he is about his homosexuality, King throws all his plans into total confusion. Trapped underground together after an explosion, Hayes seizes the opportunity to try something he’s only dreamed of, but finds he is totally unprepared for the consequences – and the passion that flares between them.
King knows exactly what he wants, and it isn’t to be someone’s secret lover! Troubled and confused, Hayes risks losing his chance for love as he finds himself torn between his heart and his head.

A book in the Aurigan Space Saga series.  Best read after Rough Play, though can be read as a stand-alone story.

HSG - lge

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