The Dead Show

Have you ever been in the shower and thought, “What would I do if there was a zombie outbreak?” The resurgence of zombie novels, film, literature, and graphic novels has brought the undead into the social conversation, and into the minds of people who have idly planned ahead. Just in case.

Zombie fiction offers a chance for exploration, mainly as an insight into human behavior in the ultimate “what-if” scenario. Most of the stories featured in this anthology are full of depraved souls, with lead characters struggling to retain humanity, and most of all, hope, but not always a moral compass. More than anything else, the contributing authors want to entertain readers.

“The Dead Show” is an anthology building on the zombie lore as established by classics such as “Night of the Living Dead,” and expanded upon by “World War Z” and “The Walking Dead.”

Like the aforementioned tales, these shorts are not really about zombies. Instead, they’re an exploration of survival and the human condition.

Ready yourself for an international array of zombie-ness, to include:

Bio Hazards
Desolate Wastelands
Political Dystopias…

And more!

Includes my story, Blue and the Zombies – Blue to the rescue as zombies take over London

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