Valentine’s Day – short story now on Free Reads.

“Abercrombie, Smith, and Unwin was an old established law firm, conservative and traditional. Justin was doing his best to fit in. If he looked suave, dressed conservatively and acted like his own father, no-one at the firm would ever need to know that he was gay. Not that he would lose his job if the firm found out, at least he was pretty sure he wouldn’t, but he bet anything he would be stereo typed. Given the civil jobs, not the criminal cases he yearned for.

Naturally enough, Jeremy disapproved. Strongly. “It’s 2014 for heaven’s sake, not 1914!” he protested. “You should be able to be yourself. How will we ever get equality if gays keep pretending to be straight?”

Jeremy hated it when Justin pretended to be straight. It made him feel as if he, Jeremy, didn’t count.”

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