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Anthologies – Forbidden Love
July 29, 2014 Michelle Rae Leave a comment

Now accepting submissions for the third LGBT anthology produced by Moral Fortitude.

Forbidden Love.

As the title say, your story should be about forbidden love but with a twist. The scene for your story should not be written in this current era but another.

For example you may use one of the following as the scene of your story –

The Roaring Twenties
The Great Depression
Machine age
Victorian era
Ming Dynasty
Russian Tsar
Mongol Empire
Age of Enlightenment
Napoleonic era
Medieval era
Ottoman era
Meiji era

You may have a favourite era you already like to write about. Perhaps cowboys and indians or an explorer and natives on a new land. Be as creative as you want – time travel, mirrors into the past, dreams or research an era to truly capture the environment. It can be tragic or romantic, erotic or coming of age. You are only limited to your imagination.

Stories should to exceed an M rating
As per Moral Fortitude guide lines – M (15+) – content considered ‘mature’. May contain sexuality, sex scenes, and story lines not suitable for all readers. May touch on violence, drug use, prostitution, suicide, and other types of abuse, however explicit detail is deterred.

Stories no longer than 10,000 words and need to be submitted prior to September 30th.

All stories submitted WILL be published. Editing will be provided prior to publication.

Writers who provide a story to the anthology receive a free paperback copy of Forbidden Love.

The anthology at the time of publication will be made available as a free download on Moral Fortitude.

Note : Author’s who submit stories do so for free. No payment for stories is provide. Moral Fortitude’s anthologies are made available to promote authors and their work. Author’s are also asked to provide a short bio and links the webpages, blog etc to be included in the Authors Page at the end of the anthology.

Any queries to be directed to : moralfortitude-publish @

Looking for inspiration, try here –

Homosexuality – Brotherhoods of Warriors

History of Homosexuality

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