Star Clash – A Space Anthology – FREE promotion

One more day to get your free copy!


Star Clash – A Space Anthology, is a collection of science fiction short stories which I have published under my other profile. Some of you may recognise Io Colony!

The ebook will be FREE on Amazon this weekend (1-2 August – US time)

The book is also available as a paperback for the diehards.

“Then they came. Humans. They looked like us, walked like us, but never have such a brutal, bastard race existed … We will fight. We will end them, or we will die trying.” In Vera Loy’s science fiction anthology, a war threatens to annihilate two species; a mercenary travels to Avalon to fight zombies; and a crime-fighter chooses to cross the line, the line between right and wrong.
Featured Stories: Star Clash, Emerald Warrior, Io Colony, Black Death, Kaia, Crime Fighter, Guns and Guys.

Star Clash (sm)

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