Dreams and Nightmares – last call for submissions!

Moral Fortitude’s Fourth Anthology – deadline for submissions is 31st January!

Dreams and Nightmares

The theme for Moral Fortitude’s fourth anthology is Dreams and Nightmares. These may be related to sleep and fantasy, reality and success / misery. Be creative.

This anthology will include both stories and poems.

Your story is to have LGBTQIA main characters and poems to be LGBTQIA based.

Genre is open (romance, fantasy, scifi, horror etc).

Stories can be rated no higher than M (15+)

As per Moral Fortitude guide lines – M (15+) – content considered ‘mature’. May contain sexuality, sex scenes, and story lines not suitable for all readers. May touch on violence, drug use, prostitution, suicide, and other types of abuse, however explicit detail is deterred.

Stories no longer than 20,000 words and need to be submitted prior to January 31st, 2016.

Poems no longer than 100 words (allowances will be given).

All stories / poems submitted WILL be published. Editing will be provided prior to publication.

Writers who provide a story / poem to the anthology receive a free paperback copy of Dreams and Nightmares.

The anthology at the time of publication will be made available as a free download on Moral Fortitude.

Note : Author’s who submit stories do so for free. No payment for stories is provide. Moral Fortitude’s anthologies are made available to promote authors and their work. Author’s are also asked to provide a short bio and links the web pages, blog etc to be included in the Authors Page at the end of the anthology.

Questions previously asked –

Can I submit a story / poem already published on a free-to-read platform that meets the criteria?

Yes. Many readers who download the anthologies may not have read your stories before. Submitting your stories is a great way to get exposure.

I don’t think my stories are good enough?

If you’re publishing on the internet, then your stories are worth publishing on Moral Fortitude. Editing will be provided in consultation with writers to ensure stories are of publishing quality.

What is Moral Fortitude?

I founded Moral Fortitude in 2012 to promote my self-published books for sale outside of Wattpad. Since that time I have sort to help promote other self-published LGBT writers. I began the anthologies as a way to bring writers together and offer opportunities to publish outside of Wattpad for those who may never consider doing so. I do all of this for free. If you self-publish LGBT stories outside of Wattpad and would like to promote your stories on Moral Fortitude, please let me know.

Who has previously submitted a story to an anothlogy by Moral Fortitude.

Writers who contributed to the first anthology – Love at First Sight were –

LV Lloyd, EJ Kellen, varzanic (N.A.C), Demelza Carlton, Fay Summers, Colt3792, sugarjet, Youngbxbwriter, Haven Lee Angelus and HardeeBurger.

Writers who contributed to the second antholgy – Nothing Can Keep Us Apart –

LV Lloyd, EJ Kellen, Demalza Carlton, Ashamay, AstronomicallySmall, Fay Summers, HardeeBurger, SilentShade and DiDi_XD.

Writers who contributed to the third antholgy – Perfect Timing –

LV Lloyd, Daniel Breham, T.S. Matiano, Fay Summers, EJ Kellan, Dezdemona, Abigail B. Field, David Love and Tess McKenzie.

If you have any question please feel free to contact me.

If you know someone who might be interest, please share this with them. All welcome.

Michelle Rae

Email your submissions to : moralfortitude-publish@yahoo.com.au

Source: Dreams and Nightmares

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