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Review by: multitaskingmomma
My Rating: 4 of 4 Stars
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One of my favorite authors of all time was Barbara Cartland. Four of her books were later adapted into TV movies and one of them, Duel of Hearts, fascinated me with its Gothic theme. This is the book that came to mind when I started reading Gothic Romance.

L.V. Lloyd managed to take me back to my BC days and it made my heart sing, somewhat, for I do love these types of books where the only thing I get out of it are painful facial muscles from all the grinning and smiling all throughout the read. This is pure romance and I don’t care that there’s no angst despite its plot.

When Jonathan steps into Castle Blackstone, his main concern was for Evelyn, the young heir’s education.

Now, before I continue, yes, Evelyn is a masculine name…

Evelyn is a secluded boy, and in the course of it, is pale and not all that healthy, imo. I mean, those days and conditions, it should be cold, damp and yes, cold. So Jonathan not only steps in for his education, he introduces the boy to his love of horse riding which, of course, Evelyn takes to like a duck to water… or boy to horse. In the course of changing the young boy’s life – mentally, physically and emotionally, Jonathan also manages to influence the boy’s father.

Now, about Lord D’Anvers. This is where the Gothic of this Gothic romance comes in. He’s a mysterious man whose secrets are too many and placed under layers upon layers of more secrets. When he bends to kiss Jonathan, oh my word, he’s Lord Vane reincarnate *sigh*

Thing is, what made my face muscles freeze in perpetual smiles, this is an M/M romance set to the style of Cartland and so gave me my dream to finally be realized.  What more could I ask for?

Does it show how I’m fangirling this story to the max? Oh, and note to author: can I ask for more of this? Pretty please?


Source: multitaskingmomma : Review: Gothic Romance by L.V. #Gay #Historical #Romance

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