These four books are FREE now!


Twelve writers who met on Wattpad, (including me!) have joined forces to promote their books over the period 7th – 18th September.  All the books will be FREE on Amazon for THREE or more days over this period, but not all at the same time. You’ll find a variety of genres from M/M romance, to Zombies, Vampires and even a children’s book.  Heaps to choose from or download them all!

Please check carefully, for the dates of the various promotions.

Ysa Arcangel  Underneath It All   Sept 7 – 12th

Sara Schoen  Amber Alert  Sept 7 – 18th

Sara Schoen  Suicide Mission  Sept 7 – 18th

Elise Noble  Pitch Black  Sept 7 – 18th

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