Update – Free Book Promotion

We now have SEVEN books going free on amazon! Best day yet!

News Flash! Today Gothic Romance reached #1 on Amazon in its category for Free Reads – at least for a few hours 🙂

Check out the books and links below.

You’ll find a variety of genres from M/M romance, to Zombies, Vampires and even a children’s book.  Heaps to choose from or download them all!

Please check carefully, for the dates of the various promotions. As a bonus, some of the books previously advertised are still available until the 18th.

Sept promo 1

L.V.  Lloyd   Gothic Romance  Sept 14 – 16th

https://www.amazon.com /dp/B01ISAJ0B8

R.K. Close   Red Night  Sept 14 – 16th

Gabriela Cabezut  Hopelessly Imperfect  Sept 14 – 16th

Ann Writes  The Imperfect Kid  Sept 14 – 18th

Cassandra Fear  Above the Flames  Sept 14 – 18th

Michelle Hayes  Invoke  Sept 14 – 18th


Kristin Jacques  Zombies vs Aliens  Sept 15 – 17th

Michael Weekly  Mystical   Sept 16 – 18th


Michelle Jo Quinn  Confessions of a Wedding Planner   Sept 16-18th


Sara Schoen  Amber Alert  Sept 7 – 18th


Sara Schoen  Suicide Mission  Sept 7 – 18th


EliseNoble  Pitch Black  Sept 7 – 18th


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