Queer sci-fi without sex?

People often tell me they’d like to read stories about LGBTQ characters, without necessarily having sex scenes included. So here is my contribution.

TimeLabs Inc is a collection of six sci-fi stories, all featuring LGBTQ characters. Although I’ve called the sub-genre “Romantic Sci-Fi,” the stories are more about the characters’ relationships and experiences in various sci-fi scenarios. There are no sex scenes.


Sam and Zak take a Time Tour for their honeymoon, visiting some of the events through time which have captured their interest, including the very first Olympics. A five-star time machine for transport, luxury meals, fine wines—what could be more perfect? TimeLabs Inc.
Tom loved his master, his job and the wonderful society he lived in—until one day, somebody hacked his tattoo and his world changed forever. Tattoo
Kel meets his first alien and falls in love with her. Except… Alien Love Story
Evan and Joey step through a door and find themselves in a whole new world where mythical creatures are as real as they are. Love Spider
General Parker Rodriguez didn’t believe for one second in the existence of flying saucers with little green men conducting random probes, but he still knew that Aliens were out there. And when they came, he would be ready. E-Contact
And a dystopian short, My Day At The Beach

Although the stories are all about adults, they are suitable for both teen and adult readers.

Purchase link here.

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