“Renewal” Flash Fiction Anthology


I’m excited to announce my story “The Librarian,” has been accepted for inclusion in Renewal, the next Queer Sci Fi flash fiction anthology.

Publication is due later this year around August / September.

The following authors have also been included, with more to be announced!

Andrea Speed, The Return
Carrie Pack Chowske, Allora’s Kiss
E R Zhang, ARC
Emily Horner, Bluebonnets
Joe Baumann, Walkers
John Moralee, After the Fall
L.v. Lloyd, The Librarian
Lloyd A. Meeker, Renewal
Naomi Tajedler, Gilgul
Ofelia Gränd, A Fake Cup of Coffee
Paul Stevens, Winter Idyll
PW Covington, Dash T
R.l. Merrill Author, Exchange
RL Mosswood, Molt
Sarah Einstein, The Witches’ Garden
Wendy Rathbone, The Groomsman

If you’d like to get a taste of what’s to come, you can check out these sample stories here!

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