TimeLabs Inc now FREE from Smashwords!

My book of gay science fiction short stories is now available for FREE from Smashwords, gradually trickling through to other ebook outlets.

“Welcome, Mr Reese and Mr Connor… I trust your special day was all that it was cracked up to be? And what better way to compliment your union than with a honeymoon across time, eh? We here at TimeLabs are the premier time travel company and our guides are highly trained. Anything you want, anywhere you want to go… The possibilities are very nearly endless…” Escorted in a private luxury time machine, complete with five star meals and champagne, what could be more romantic? TimeLabs Inc

Tom loved his master, his job and the wonderful society he lived in – until one day, somebody hacked his tattoo and his world changed forever. Tattoo

Evan and Joey find themselves in a whole new world where mythical creatures are as real as they are. Love Spider

General Parker Rodriguez didn’t believe for one second in the existence of flying saucers with little green men conducting random probes, but he still knew that Aliens were out there. And when they came, he would be ready. E Contact

Kel meets his first alien and falls in love with her. Except… Alien Love Story

A collection of six gay science fiction short stories, all with a romantic theme. Not explicit. Suitable for both teens and adults.

TL_1pf - Sm

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