Tour Type: Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal Date: Tuesday, March 1 2022

Author Name: Laura Navarre

Publishing Company: Ascendant Press

Release Date: Friday, April 1 2022

Format: eBook

Is This Book Romance?: Yes

ISBN: 978-1-955236-06-5


Price: .99

Story Type: Novella 20k-50k

Word Count: 20,000

Cover Artist: Kim Killion

Genres: MM romance, sci fi romance, futuristic romance, space romance, space opera, new adult, erotic romance (not erotica), LGBTQ+ sci fi

Pairings: This novella contains an M/M pairing only. It’s the prequel to a newly published MMMF series involving the same males among others.

LGBTQ+ Identities: Novella contains two bi males. The subsequent series is poly MMMF with three bi males and a straight/ally female.

Tropes: forbidden love, friends to lovers, first time, coming of age, most mindblowing sex ever, cultural differences, interracial relationship, alpha character, true love

Keywords/Categories: male-male, bi curious, alien world, friends to lovers, one night stand, first time, forbidden love, coming of age, steamy fast burn, erotic romance, angsty, alpha male, psychic romance, secret love, MM romance, gay romance, prequel, LGBTQ, sci-fi, science fiction

Book Blurb:

On an alien world that crucifies men for prohibited desires, two boyhood best friends risk the ultimate punishment to explore a forbidden passion.

Nero: He’s the most intimidating guy at our intergalactic next-gen leaders’ camp, and his psycho galactic tyrant of a dad has a crucifixion fetish. Our two races are deadly enemies, but Dex was my boyhood best friend. Suddenly this summer, he’s all grown up—and suddenly he can’t seem to stop staring at me. I don’t know whether to be afraid that it’s all a figment of my telepathic imagination…or that every dangerous desire we’re forbidden to acknowledge is searingly real.

Dex: I’m one combat-to-the-death away from the imperial command I’ve devoted my life to achieve. All I need to do is keep my dick in my pants. Besides, Ben Nero’s my oathsworn brother. Not to mention the most gorgeous, most maddeningly unattainable, most sought-after guy at leaders’ camp. There’s no way he’d ever look twice at a buttoned-tight, hyper-competitive, compulsive overachiever like me.

Until the night I blundered in on Nero in the shower. Which was a total catastrophic mistake. Because now I’ve seen what he looks like naked…now I’ve heard the way he sounds when he’s moaning my name…how in blazes do I keep him at arms’ length? Because my father crucifies men for loving men.

Which means letting Ben Nero in close, the way I’m burning to do, means risking the ultimate punishment.

For both of us.

Anticipated Angel is a steamy, angsty, friends-to-lovers MM new adult sci fi romance novella and the standalone prequel to the award-winning Astral Heat Romance Series.

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Author Bio:

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, Laura Navarre was an award-winning dark historical romance author for Harlequin, while her diabolical twin Nikki Navarre wrote sexy spy romance. In a daring bid to escape a global pandemic, armed only with an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction and a professional background in weapons of mass destruction, Laura voyaged through a wormhole to an alternate universe where she crafts turbocharged, epic, hyper-erotic poly science fiction romance starring three sexy bi heroes, one seriously kickass heroine, and plenty of sizzling outer space action.

Interstellar Angel is a steamy, angsty, enemies-to-lovers MMMF poly sci fi action romance and your gateway to the Astral Heat universe, where Star Wars meets 50 Shades by way of The Hunger Games. Outer space adventure just got a whole lot hotter!

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