New Release – ‘Pirate’ – 16th March

My new book, ‘Pirate’, the sixth volume in the Aurigan Space Saga is now available for pre-ordering from Amazon

“Undercover agent Liam Connell stared at his captor. He looked like a pirate from a holovid— black trousers, a white, puffy-sleeved shirt, and a purple sash wrapped jauntily around his waist. Wavy black hair fell to his shoulders and … Connell couldn’t believe it. He actually had gold hoops hanging from his ears. The pirate ran his forefinger lightly down Connell’s cheek and smiled. “Mmm! Mmmm! What do we have here?”
Just what had Connell gotten himself into? (M/M Romantic Sci-Fi) ”

Pirate 4 lge

New Release Day! ‘A Likely Story’

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Title: A Likely Story
Type: Anthology
Authors: Eric Gober, Asta Idonea, Michael P. Thomas, kirifox, Frostina, Lily Velden, Taylin Clavelli, jn olsen, L.V. Lloyd, Louise Lyons
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing
Genre: gay romance


Suspend rational thought.

Leave logic at the door.

Be ready to roll your eyes and pick your jaw up from your lap.

The tales in A Likely Story don’t let truth get in the way of telling a good yarn.

They might push your buttons or make you laugh.

They may make you scoff or spit out your coffee.

You might even scratch your head in disbelief.

Whatever your reaction, the one thing they are guaranteed to do is entertain you!


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Stories included:

Eric Gober
A sexy and mysterious stranger . . .
A luxurious Las Vegas penthouse . . .
And one very bizarre timepiece . . .
It’s gonna be a birthday Nick will never forget.

Asta Idonea
An Australian surfer and a British Marine Biologist meet in the strangest of circumstances in this tale of Biblical proportions.

Michael P. Thomas
When button-down biracial lawmaker Cassidy Uematsu meets hardscrabble fry cook Buford “Jax” Jackson, it’s lust at first sight.
They’re only too happy to jump into the sack, and when Jax loses his condom mid-getting-to-know-you, Cassidy urges him forward, damn the consequences. 
What’s the worst that can happen? 

When Jeremy was killed in service to his country, Mason lost everything.
Now Jeremy is back…
But is it really him?
Eternity may not be just a concept.

He searched high and low in the tiny town he lived in, exasperated, sad, and desperate!
He wanted something special for the two most important people in his life.

Lily Velden & Taylin Clavelli
A Quaker with size issues
A jock without size issues
And a sex therapist who likes to solve size issues.
Should be a match made in heaven.

jn olsen
Seeing your favorite action hero on the screen…
What could be more perfect?
Will’s about to find out.

Taylin Clavelli
An airline entirely staffed by gay people
Where there customer isn’t always right…

L.V. LLoyd
The magic in Aelith was dying.
The only way to restore it was for the King to marry and produce an heir.
Why was he taking so long to choose a wife?”

Louise Lyons
Dr. Glen Wright loves his young male patients – sometimes a little too much.
When handsome Martin Reynolds visits him with a rather personal problem, Glen finds he can’t keep his hands to himself…

A Taste of Honey Bear Anthology: Release Day!

A Taste of Honey Bear Anthology: Release Day!.

Releasing from Dreamspinner Press 18th August – A Taste of Honey – the ultimate bear romance anthology. Guys don’t have to be in their twenties, perfectly sculpted, and hairless to be hot. Bears are real men with real bodies–and that doesn’t always mean a perfect six-pack or an immaculately smooth chest. With bears, it can mean more man to love. The men in this anthology are chubs, cubs, grizzlies, pandas, polar bears, and more–all looking for a connection. And beneath their burly physiques are hearts of gold. Explore the bear scene and beyond with these big, hairy guys and the men who find them irresistibly sexy.

Lunar Affair – Half Price!

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Epsilon Aurigae

Epsilon Aurigae – Post 2


Epsilon Aurigae is what is known as a variable star – that means its brightness fluctuates for us on Earth. Current research suggests that this is due to the ‘star’ being actually two stars, one a yellow supergiant and the other a smaller star which occasionally eclipses the larger.

‘Almaaz’, is the Arabic name for this star and it derives from an ancient arabic word ‘al-ma az’ meaning ‘billy goat’, corresponding to the Latin Capella which means ‘nanny goat.’ In Western astronomy, most star names derive from Arabic, Greek or Latin and in fact many are translations from one of these languages to another.

Almaaz is the name I have chosen to use in my stories, it features in His Guilty Secret and in Lunar Affair.

More information, including artists representations can be found at  – Citizen Sky web site


All my stories are set in the Aurigan constellation. The stars I have written about are real, although the planets and the Patrol are, of course, all my own invention.

The Aurigan constellation can be found in the Northern Hemisphere near Gemini and Taurus.

Auriga is Latin for ‘charioteer’ and it was named because of its resemblance to a charioteer’s helmet. Like all constellations, you have to use your imagination here! In western astronomy, the constellation was recorded in the 2nd century by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. (Wikipedia provides lots of information about the history of the constellation in other cultures, if you are interested in further reading.)

The brightest star in the constellation is Capella, which is the sixth brightest star in the sky and about 43 light years from Earth. Although it looks like a single star to us on Earth, it is actually four stars, two sets of binary pairs, stars which orbit around each other.

I plan to post more short pieces about the different stars in my books over the next few weeks.

However, if you would like to read more about the constellation, you can check out wikipedia or