Epsilon Aurigae

Epsilon Aurigae – Post 2


Epsilon Aurigae is what is known as a variable star – that means its brightness fluctuates for us on Earth. Current research suggests that this is due to the ‘star’ being actually two stars, one a yellow supergiant and the other a smaller star which occasionally eclipses the larger.

‘Almaaz’, is the Arabic name for this star and it derives from an ancient arabic word ‘al-ma az’ meaning ‘billy goat’, corresponding to the Latin Capella which means ‘nanny goat.’ In Western astronomy, most star names derive from Arabic, Greek or Latin and in fact many are translations from one of these languages to another.

Almaaz is the name I have chosen to use in my stories, it features in His Guilty Secret and in Lunar Affair.

More information, including artists representations can be found at  – Citizen Sky web site http://www.citizensky.org/content/media-room

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