Promotion – The Winter Experience by Eli Summers

Courtesy of Moral Fortitude

The Winter Experience

Click here to go to IT GETS BETTER PROJECT

Eli Summers has made a wonderful offer to donate all new sales of his new book – The Winter Experience – to the It Gets Better Project.

The It Gets Better Project was founded in September, 2010, with a video created by Dan Savage and Terry Miller to give hope to LBGT youth experiencing harassment and victimisation. This video went on to inspire 50,000+ other youtube videos produced by the LGBT community, youth and many famous celebraties with the motto – It Gets Better.

And it does – for many these video give hope and encouragement to the youth who need it the most.

This project is one Eli feels passionate about and he hopes the sales of his book will go to help support this wonderful cause.

You can purchase The Winter Experience at Amazon or Smashwords.

And feel free to follow Eli on his social media pages – found here.

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