New Edition of His Guilty Secret now available!

I’ve tightened up some of the writing and changed a few details to improve the flow of the story.  I’ve also made the decision to stop numbering my books as part of the Aurigan Space Saga.  It seemed a good idea to include them as part of a Series when I started, but I’ve changed my mind.  The books are all stand-alone and do not require to be read in a particular order.

Only the “world” and a few minor characters appear in more than one story.  This involves changing the covers which has been a real learning curve for me, as a friend did the originals several years ago.  Lots of fun!

The change is now showing on Smashwords and Amazon is working on removing the books from their Series list for me.

I hope you enjoy the new version of His Guilty Secret!

HSG - lge

Available on



Barnes and Noble



and other ebook distributors for 99c (US)

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