Tattoo – New Free Read story

Tattoo is a Cyberpunk short story I wrote some time ago for a challenge.  The prompt was “Someone has hacked your tattoo…”



“I was thinking ahead to what I would cook for my master’s evening meal, when a panicked shout from the walkway below, jarred me out of my musings.  I glanced down idly.  A woman was on the very edge of the walkway, watching helplessly as a small child spiralled downwards, ever faster between the walkways to the invisible depths below.

I could see a large hovercar, continuing along the walkway, oblivious to the chaos it had caused behind.

I frowned to myself as I continued on my journey, everyone knew the cars had right of way.  Stupid woman, she should have kept better control of her child.  I found my right hand was absently rubbing my left wrist, where my caste code was tattooed.”

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