Amazon saga continues…

I just posted the previous message when I received this advice from KDP


I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused by this email.

Yes, your understanding is right. Currently, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is not an option for your location.

Since you reside in Australia when you enter AU bank details on your KDP account, the payment method defaults to EFT for AU marketplace and Wire to all other marketplaces.

It is not mandatory to select the EFT option. The email below was sent to you in error and can be disregarded.

Rest assured you may continue to receive the future royalty payment via Check as payment option.


Regarding your another inquiry about the high fees of $15 per wire transfer for foreign marketplaces:

If you still prefer to change the payment option to EFT for AU and Wire transfer across all other marketplaces.

I’d suggest you to put the payments of, Amazon.EU and Amazon, kindle store on hold and once you’ve received a sufficient amount, you may request to release the hold any time and we’ll process the payment in form of Wire transfer. In this way, you can avoid fees or charges incurred by your bank for processing royalty payment each time via Wire for every 60 days.

Please be aware that the hold will not automatically be released once it sufficient, you’ll need to manually track the sales and write to us to release the hold of your payment. The hold will only be removed from your account upon your request, or if the address or payment method listed on your account is changed. You can request the removal of the hold at any time.

Please confirm if we can put your payment on hold Kindle store till reaches sufficient amount: …”

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