New work in the pipeline!

I’m currently working on editing a new story for publishing – Gothic Romance.

Gothic Romance is set in Regency England so it will be a change from my Aurigan Saga series.

The following is a wonderful description of Gothic Romance:  “these novels usually concern spirited young women, either governesses or new brides, who go to live in large gloomy mansions populated by peculiar servants and precocious children and presided over by darkly handsome men with mysterious pasts…”

How could I resist placing my own slant on this?  Here are the opening lines to whet your appetite…

“It was pitch black outside, the only light came from the lantern at the front of the coach, bobbing crazily over the road. The coach picked up speed again, and Jonathan remained at the window, waiting to catch a glimpse of Castle Blackstone, the place that would be his home for the next six years….”


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